Google Maps: Put into Google Maps search box   Warren Stables bed to see exactly where we are. Alternatively   Copy & Paste this into Google Maps search box to see where we are 52.708080, 0.646379

If you are using Google Maps for directions on your smartphone, be warned it is unreliable round here owing to lack of signal.

If you are using a Satnav then PE32 1UG should (but not always particularly on BMW built in Satnavs)) take you to the Warren Farm crossroads, where there is a sign saying WARREN. Enter farmyard, follow tarmac road to where you are about to pass between brick pillars. There is a wooden gate barring your route (normally not open) Turn left clearly signed STABLES, then immediately right past the end of the very large barn. If you find yourself outside a large farmhouse, that is my landlord and I would prefer if you did not disturb him! My house is very close by.


For more detailed written directions CLICK HERE

Below the map are photographs of the final approach. It is a little unusual so you might want to take a look

Nearest Railway Station. King's Lynn.  Taxi about £20  Capital Cars 01553 663 377. More taxis on the LOCALITY page

Warren Stables

Arriving from Castle Acre direction you should see this

Arriving from West Acre direction you should see this

Turn into farmyard and you should see this. Go towards the gap in the wall then turn left just before it and right past the end of the very large barn